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Industrial Constructions entrepreneurship services

The area of industrial constructions represented for our company a continuous challenge in the sense of contracting and executing specific works, especially in the energetic area, industrial and logistic halls.

As general entrepreneur, we made every investment in a close collaboration with the Beneficiary, in special conditions of functioning of the facilities and equipments involved in the process of producing electric power, which needed the finding of new technologies, materials, equipments, technical solutions and tools, all these being possible due to the high level of qualification of the own personnel in the profile industry and of the collaboration with Romanian and foreign speciality companies.

The creation of complex projects, among which cooling towers, slag and ash storage facilities, piers for transporting slag and ash mixtures, complex metallic structures, constitutes for every investor of this area the certitude of implication, experience and degree of professionalism by which our company is able to bring plus value to each project, applying the international methodology of project management.

We are interested in creating projects which shall comply with the global tendencies concerning the sustainable development, by the policies elaborated and implemented within the company, getting involved since the feasibility assessment stage in order to find the best solutions to meet the specific area requirements.

For more details about the works performed, please visit the section Industrial engineering.