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How Do We Do

We get involved from the beginning by the investors’ counselling in order to define the specific design subject. As general designer, we insure the performance of any speciality project, following to obtain the optimal report between the functional, the esthetical and the economic parts. We get involved in the process of obtaining the necessary approvals and certificates.

The planning, the allocation of resources, the coordination, the control and the communication represent the turnkey factors in performing the management and the execution of any investment. The Design and Build system work insures flexibility, anticipation power and prompt reactions, in any situation appeared during the works.

By the qualified personnel and the technology we have, we make complex works, from the phase of special foundation, open and top-down diggings, infrastructure, superstructure, architecture and installation works, to the turnkey delivery of the investment, complying with the occupational and environmental health and security norms.