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CONCELEX is a Romanian company, fully privately owned. It was created in 1994, in Bucharest and its main activity is civil and industrial engineering works.

The beginning of the activity was outlined in the context of the adaptation to the market requirements, aiming to activate as a private company within a preponderant environment of State-owned companies, starting with low value working contracts, organisation of bank headquarters, shops, manufacturing halls and organisation of offices. As the volume and works’ complexity and also the turnover increased, it also appeared the need to employ specialised required personnel in order to insure the performance of the works in due time and within the budget, practically defining the company’s organisational chart and developing in parallel an orientation of the personnel to the private environment.

The increasing evolution of the civil engineering market and the permanent desire of the management to develop the company both internally-organisationally and externally – turnover, outlined the action strategy for the next period, in the sense of being more involved within the segment of civil engineering and of industrial constructions.

The experience acquired naturally led to the desire to assume the general entrepreneur role for complex civil construction, buildings of offices, hotels, education centres, production halls, as well as complex industrial constructions within the energetic area, within the power stations, being representative the construction and rehabilitation of cooling towers, slag and ash storage facilities, piers for transporting slag and ash mixtures, complex metallic structures.

The period of economic growth of the company allowed the procurement of the land and the construction of the actual headquarter, in the north area of Bucharest, happily intuiting the subsequent development potential of the city.

The eagerness of excellence in all that we make led us to define the company’s motto – Excellence in construction – representing a constant manner of action of the company’s personnel for performing all the projects contracted, in order to meet the customers’ requirements, complying with the norms and standards in force on construction quality, as well as the occupational security and safety norms.

Adhering to the European structures meant generally for the civil engineering segment a new wave of development due to the desire of the foreign assets companies to invest in all the industry specific segments, this meaning an opportunity that our company exploited by signing projects execution contracts as General Designer, General Entrepreneur, Specialised Contractor, executing highly difficult works, real estate, retail works, offices buildings, commercial centres.

Taking into account the requirement identified by a market research for living spaces within the Romanian market, the company’s management decided the design and execution of a luxury residential complex, being considered one of the most beautiful and safe projects in Bucharest, as it was subsequently labelled by specialised experts.

Due to the large amount of specific works of the curtain walls market and Aluminium and PVC carpentry, of the digging and systematising works and of the difficult approach of contractors for this type of works, the company’s management decided to develop internal departments in order to proficiently manage these activities, a thing proved to be beneficial for the general activity of the company.

Being conscious about the issues that the accentuated industrial development caused from the point of view of the environment at global level and wishing to find optimal sustainable development solutions internally, we involved in creating a national branch of Green Building Council, respectively of Romanian Green Building Council.

At present, the company is strongly involved in a dynamic development process within a permanently changing market. The works completing the company’s portfolio are in line with those insisting on the environmental protection, contributing to a sustainable and durable development of the company.

We invite you to consult the following pages in order to discover our services, as well as a part of our portfolio of works executed or under execution.