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Civil engineering entrepreneurship services

With the status of General Entrepreneur, we undertake the responsibility before the beneficiary for executing turnkey works, with a high complexity level, under the Contractor’s Agreement agreed on with him, within the execution terms agreed.

The evolution of the construction market in Romania, by the apparition of foreign assets and management companies, led to the continuous improvement of management methods. We succeed in being all the time in step with the international approaches concerning the management of the designs and designs portfolios, permanently searching for approaches insuring the creation of successful designs. 

The way of internal organisation of the company allows us to approach each project in a particular manner, with highly qualified personnel in applying project management methods and also to ensure by permanent organisation, the necessary support within the processes during the life of a project, from design to manufacturing and monitoring during the warranty period.

As General Entrepreneur, we guaranty to the beneficiary the best technical and economical results, by the coordination and control of all the collaborators, irrespective of their speciality.

The results of the approach led to the achievement of projects with different functions, among them being residential assemblies, education complexes, office buildings, commercial and exhibition centres, for Romanian and foreign investors, legal and natural entities. For more details about the works performed, please visit the section Civil engineering.