Home Certifications


For us, quality means that all the products and services provided meet the customers’ requirements and are delivered within the terms agreed, comply with the legal standards and provisions and have competitive prices.

The quality of our company’s products and services also suppose exploiting safety and environmental protection.

An important compound of quality is represented by the quality of the products and services acquired from the providers, CONCELEX providing special attention to their quality availability.

We collaborate with well-known providers, companies which implemented the system of quality, environment, occupational safety and health, being certified according to the standards in force.

  • We have specialists certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Administration (MLPAT) in areas such as: civil, industrial and agro-zooculture engineering;
  • Execution technical responsible specialists;
  • The building site chiefs are certified as occupational security and health inspectors and quality controllers.

The company also has internal auditors:

  • Quality Management System Internal Auditor – ISO 9001;
  • Environment Management System Internal Auditor – ISO 14001;
  • Occupational Health and Security Management Internal Auditor OHSAS 18001.

The internal service of prevention and protection is formed of:

  • specialist of professional accident and morbidity risks assessment, occupational safety specialised inspectors, Fire fighting technical responsible person, dangerous waste specialist, and waste management specialist.